Closing on a New House

Looks as though the family will be closing on a new house by the end of the year. This is very exciting for the family. Our original plan was to wait another couple of years so we can save up more money but a great house came out on the market and we decided to walk through it. After doing so, we realized the bargain, as well as low interest rates for a current loan, and a great new spacious home to boot. It is currently twice the size of our house here in square footage. The house is also only about 2 miles from here which will make moving more simpler.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

Well the kids are getting excited for Thursday. Sam asked me what we were having to eat at Thanksgiving this year. haha. “Bud… we are having turkey…”

This year there should be about 15-16 people up for Thanksgiving. One year I remember we had 22 people. That was probably our largest ever since I have been married. Actually that’s probably for my entire life. I can’t list all the food we will have but we usually do the normal stuff like turkey, squash, potato, beets, etc.

Desserts are always plenty. I can’t ever make it to dessert anyway. My dinner plate fills me up to the gills so dessert is usually at least an hour after. My wife makes an excellent apple cider.

Of course my job is the hardest. I have to test all the food first before serving to the kids. Hey someone has to do it… :D


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A Buffet to Help Organize

My wife and I are still looking for a new home. The current house we are in is nice but doesn’t have all the space we need for 8 of us… especially in the kitchen area. Storing a lot of our nice dishes and stemware. So we decided to purchase a really nice buffet. The picture isn’t perfect but you can see it here in our Dining Room.

It has been a nice addition to our house and has lots of added storage.


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Back to the Grind

Back to the old grindstone…

Alright folks. I know I have taken some time off from blogging here at Silly Dad. I would like to make time to start blogging again here for several reasons. First off, people are always asking me what’s going on with me and the family. I probably won’t post a lot of personal stuff attributed to the family, but I will continue to post about fatherhood, being a stay at home dad, etc.

Secondly, this blog is part of my Skinny Moose Blog Network. We would like to have more family oriented blogs so if you might be interested you can contact me. Right now there are 3 other blogs that have to do with family/parenting and they are:

I may even post some pictures of my new projects I have been working on.. Oh boy… the excitement. :D

But a lot of you know I work at home and still do… Here is a good image of me lately.

Stay at Home Dad

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Six Kids and Counting, But Whose Counting?

6 in one hand, half dozen in the other. It’s all the same. That makes a nice basketball team. Or hockey team. Heck why stop here… let’s shoot for a baseball team.

Last month the family was blessed with another daughter, making it our 6th child in 8 1/2 years.

A lot of people are asking if we will be having more. Honestly I don’t know. I am very happy with 6 kids and I am very content. To a lot of people 6 is a number, but I see them all as individuals who all have a wonderful personality. But for a good laugh.. we aren’t too far from becoming the folks in the following picture.


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