Last Day of School

For some kids its vacation. For parents such as myself it is time to go back to work full time. There are things that will be easier for me and that is the mornings. No more rushing around and getting kids dressed and fed, and making breakfast. No more finding missing folders and papers that the 16 month old decided to run off with.

“Where is my other shoe, Daddy?”

Of course the little one is always to blame for taking it and putting it in the toy box, behind the couch, or even in the trash.

Those mornings will definitely not be missed.

This Summer we have lots of things planned. Most of all of our weekends are already booked with short day trips, weddings, museums, camping trips, picnics, etc. Hopefully we can get some fishing in with all the craziness going on.

Anyone staying closer to home due to rising gas prices? Most of our trips will be close to home…

- sillydad

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