9 Years of Marriage

Time does fly. To think I have been married for 9 years makes me feel old. Aside from all the little annoyances, we definitely have a lot to show for those 9 years… and that is mainly our 5 kids.. soon to be 6. I have now been a full time Stay at Home dad for almost 5 long years. I remember the last time I worked for someone else. It was the Friday just prior to the 4th of July weekend in 2003.

This weekend, we spent the time with our kids. We drove about 45 minutes to a place called Birdsacre, also known as Stanwod Wildlife Sanctuary. They have birds on display. The owls were a great hit for the kids. But what was the most fun about the place were many trails to hike. All the trails were perfect for the kids and we were able to walk around about 200 acres of preserved land.

To get the mood of the place you can find this quote straight from their website:

“We bring back from the woods what we carry to it – give little and we get little in return…. Nature will have all of your attention or nothing of you. If you think of yourself, or your affronts, you forget to look for the color, you lose the Cecropia’s cocoon, you fail to see the bird or hear the song, and the flowers lose their fragrance…. Intimacy with Nature is acquired slowly.” -CJS

You can learn more about the Sanctuary and the purpose behind it here.

Let’s see what else did we do? Oh, on Sunday we were going to take the kids swimming in the afternoon but first we wanted to do some more walking trails. We are trying to get the kids back into shape for the Summer ahead. Regularly we take the kids up to the Orono Bog Walk, where there is a boardwalk about a mile long you can walk along. There are many things you can see from the boardwalk like wild flowers, animals, etc.

They also have walking/biking trails you can go on aside from the mile long boardwalk. Some people bring horses up onto the trails and some walk their dogs. It is a very popular area as parking is tough to find on the weekends. Lots of trails and plenty of nature to see. Our regular routine is to go to the boardwalk first and then whatever we have time for afterwards we go and do. This time we went straight out onto the trails and walked around the woods for a couple of hours.

It was nice to get out this weekend and into the woods. The smells of the trees and the sounds of birds chirping is always nice, especially when I am normally listening to kids arguing over toys and being fully indulged in the chaotic environment of having 5 kids….


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2 Responses to 9 Years of Marriage

  1. Nice to know your getting the kids out in nature. It seems to fascinate and inspire creativity in most, and later on they will think back to these days…

  2. nine years of marriage? how do you did it ? it’s almost impossible.

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