A Buffet to Help Organize

My wife and I are still looking for a new home. The current house we are in is nice but doesn’t have all the space we need for 8 of us… especially in the kitchen area. Storing a lot of our nice dishes and stemware. So we decided to purchase a really nice buffet. The picture isn’t perfect but you can see it here in our Dining Room.

It has been a nice addition to our house and has lots of added storage.


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3 Responses to A Buffet to Help Organize

  1. Tony says:

    Sweet! Do your kids know to not play with the glass?

  2. sillydad says:

    I sure hope they know. A lot of that is too tall for the little ones to reach. So it should be safe…

  3. Newsvid says:

    u r a good dad not a SILLY DAD…….

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