Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

Well the kids are getting excited for Thursday. Sam asked me what we were having to eat at Thanksgiving this year. haha. “Bud… we are having turkey…”

This year there should be about 15-16 people up for Thanksgiving. One year I remember we had 22 people. That was probably our largest ever since I have been married. Actually that’s probably for my entire life. I can’t list all the food we will have but we usually do the normal stuff like turkey, squash, potato, beets, etc.

Desserts are always plenty. I can’t ever make it to dessert anyway. My dinner plate fills me up to the gills so dessert is usually at least an hour after. My wife makes an excellent apple cider.

Of course my job is the hardest. I have to test all the food first before serving to the kids. Hey someone has to do it… :D


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2 Responses to Pre-Thanksgiving Fun

  1. i enjoy your site very much…good job

  2. Jeff says:

    me too bro…….

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