Closing on a New House

Looks as though the family will be closing on a new house by the end of the year. This is very exciting for the family. Our original plan was to wait another couple of years so we can save up more money but a great house came out on the market and we decided to walk through it. After doing so, we realized the bargain, as well as low interest rates for a current loan, and a great new spacious home to boot. It is currently twice the size of our house here in square footage. The house is also only about 2 miles from here which will make moving more simpler.

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  1. Patrice Mykytka says:

    Dear Steve,
    I teach teen moms along with your wonderful mother, Melinda. Recently, your mom showed your website to me. I was so impressed with the quality of the articles that you have posted here. We thought that there was one in particular that might be very helpful for our teen moms to read. It is Become the Teacher.

    Our teen moms are struggling in every single area of their lives. They are still living at home and helping around the house; they are still trying to complete course work and take tests in order to graduate from school; and they are exhausted trying to do all that and take care of a baby. Many of them have jobs, too. It is easy when one is exhausted as a way of life, to avoid those teaching moments that present themselves with children. But as parents, our new moms can’t ignore the teaching moments if they want to break the cycle of disadvantage. And break it they must. Your article patiently and clearly explains why every moment must be a teaching moment.

    May we use it in our teen parent newsletter? I cannot think of any better article that we could close the school year with. I would be happy to send a copy of our newsletter to you. We would like to use Become the Teacher on the front page.

    I would also like to say that I think you have created an excellent web site that can be a first – rate resource for both moms and dads – and teachers working with new, struggling moms who need to learn all they can.
    Thank You,
    Patrice Mykytka

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